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FIFA Referee Matthew Conger's advice for struggling referees

Matthew Conger

  • Matthew was listed on the FIFA international panel of match officials in 2010

  • Born in Plano, Texas, he has officiated several major tournaments including the FIFA World Cup, FIFA Arab Cup and FIFA Club World Cup

  • "What I hope to leave as a legacy is a culture of development that enables young referees to thrive"

FIFA Referee Matthew shared advice for young referees struggling in an interview with REFSIX.

He explained that referees at all levels of the game have the same struggles such as knowing if they are good enough or overcoming mistakes during a match.

Matthew emphasized that not every mistake while refereeing is fatal nonetheless knowing, a mistake can cost referees opportunities but more will come.

"Talk to people about it you don't have to carry that alone. It's ok to struggle because in the struggle we learn and it's finding those places of support that moves us through those challenges."

- Matthew Conger

Finding people to share and talk about bad experiences while refereeing is crucial not only for the referees performance but there mental wellbeing which is often an overlooked aspect.


You can hear the full REFSIX interview with Matthew Conger here:


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